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Welcome to our FleXible and mobile business solution – Welcome to FleXobility

  1. What is FleXobility?

    FleXobility is a software suite from the Herbert Group – providers of innovative hardware and software productivity solutions. FleXobility is a proven, class-leading solution, for enhancing business efficiency, operational performance and profitability, so as to give you and your business the competitive edge.

  2. What are my options?

    Our FleXobility software suite is comprised of four packages, which are powered by visionary software development partners. Each package is uniquely designed to fit the needs of different markets and business requirements, and only one package would be required. Each package is designed to cover all current hardware operating platforms, such as Windows, Android and iOS.

  3. Which solution is best for me?

    Our team work on a consultative and agnostic basis, so that only the most suitable package is offered, based on your current and future business requirements. We offer a FREE – NO-OBLIGATIONS consultation service, and we can work to any time frames and realistic budget levels. Our project approach is outlined as follows:

    • We would meet or conference to understand your business model and problems that you are facing
    • We would discuss project timeframes and budgets
    • We would analyse your requirements and present you with a working demonstration of one of our most suitable FleXobility software packages, along with accompanying hardware should you require it
    • Once fully evaluated, we would discuss next steps in terms of how you would like to move forwards.
  4. What about mobile hardware equipment?

    To support your chosen software, we offer leading-edge mobility hardware, such as mobile handheld computers, tablets and handsets with GSM capabilities, covering Windows, Android and iOS, along with support service contracts to ensure that your assets are up and running at all times.

    We are a top level Partner with leading hardware manufacturers such as Motorola, Honeywell, M3 Mobile, Casio, Datalogic, Ecom, GETAC, ToughShield, Motion Computing, and we also offer ruggedised, healthcare and ATEX hardware options for specialized environments.

    We are proud to offer a complete end-to-end service, and as business, we offer more than 250 years of experience in offering innovative productivity solutions to multiple markets.

  5. Key business areas

    Our FleXobility software suite is designed to enhance these key business areas:

    • Workforce management
    • Health & Safety compliance
    • Task allocation and job management
    • Operator rounds and readings
    • Process control and compliance
    • Service execution
    • Remote device management
    • ‘Green’ paperless working
    • Paperless auditing
    • Continuous process improvement
    • Business analytics
    • Decision making
    • Asset tracking
    • Field ticketing
    • Equipment maintenance and inspections
    • Inventory management
  6. Key markets

    Some key markets that we focus on are:

    • Fleet Vehicle Hire
    • Warehousing, Transportation and Logistics
    • Retail
    • Manufacturing
    • Local Authorities
    • Hospitality
    • Healthcare